Health-Resiliency-Stress Questionnaire (HRSQ)

Trauma Checklist - Identify and quantify resiliency skills (strengths), tolerance to stress, and expanded Adverse Childhood Experiences.

TICN:  A few words about the Trauma Assessment Stress Questionnaire: 
  This questionnaire is a NON-validated measure, your participation to validate it is greatly appreciated !

The HRSQ was designed to give providers a quick overview of a person’s ability to tolerate and cope with stress in relationship to health. The findings of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study (Felitti, Anda, CDC and similar research) have clearly documented the link between increased adverse childhood experiences and chronic physical and brain health issues. Resiliency traits can alter the experience of stress and adversity. Generally more resiliency is protective and less resiliency is detrimental.  This questionnaire is a tool to help build upon a person’s strengths, validate their experiences and encourage them toward a path of improved health and wellness.

You can bring your results to a trauma informed mental health professional for help with interpretation, scoring, and treatment.  Please print a copy upon completion!

Trauma Checklist Adult:   Be assured your complete confidentiality is our promise !   Please complete all questions!

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