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Speakers Bureau:  A few words about the TICN Project

Trauma Informed Care Network of Utah  will serve as a centralized source of information and resources and will coordinate and provide training for healthcare and related systems. Trauma Informed Care will work with state agencies, state and local providers, communities, family and youth organizations, and diverse constituents to bring many voices and perspectives to the table to learn from one another and to advocate for informed policies and practices to promote healing and support wellbeing for all of Utah’s children and their families.

Our Next TNC PRESENTAION Dec 11th:  Therapist Traits in Effective Trauma Treatment

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Subject:  What makes trauma therapies work: Translating new findings into Evidence Based Practices for PTSD 

Within the Evidence Based Treatment (EBT) movement, there has been considerable debate around which trauma psychotherapies are most effective.  Yet research suggests the difference between EBTs is actually relatively small, while outcomes from one trauma therapist to the next can vary significantly. This presentation will provide an updated review of the most powerful therapist factors that promote healing from trauma. A CBT case example will illustrate the balance between the technique and how we bring ourselves into the room.

Who:  Presented by Dr. Ashley Greenwell,  Director of the Trauma, Stress, and Resilience Program at the Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment.   http://www.ucebt.com  


Friday, December 11th

3:00 -4:00 PM - Presentation
4:00 - 4:30 PM - Networking, committee business, etc.


Graystone Health and Professional Building
1174 E. Graystone Way, SLC, UT

Suite 14

Future Presenters:  Contact these speakers for future presentation needs for your organization:

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Dr. Ashley Greenwell   SLC, UT Therapist Traits in Effective Trauma Treatment English Free HOME
Kristan Warnick,MS, SPC, Clinical Mental Health Counselor VIEW SLC, UT -Understanding Trauma and Trauma Informed Care
-Trauma Informed Schools
-Understanding Trauma and Effective Trauma Treatment
  $120 per hour for travel and presentation time  



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