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          Kristan Warnick
Name Kristan Warnick
Credentials MS, SPC, Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Phone Number 435-248-2089
City salt Lake City

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Kristan Warnick is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and founder of Healing Pathways Therapy Center, a trauma and attachment focused counseling center in Sugarhouse.  She and her team of therapists are trained in trauma resolution modalities such as EMDR and specialize in viewing current symptoms and difficulties through a trauma informed lens.  Kristan also founded the Trauma Informed Care Network of Utah which is an organization created to facilitate networking and education between trauma informed mental health care givers and the community.  She is also a member of the Trauma Resiliency Collaborative (TRC) another Utah trauma informed initiative group.  She currently serves as an appointee to the Utah State Advisory Board on Children’s Justice and Children's Justice Act Task Force. Previous to founding her private counseling practice, Kristan spent 13 years in the public schools working as school psychologist in Utah and Alaska.  She also served on the faculty at Brigham Young University in the Counseling Psychology and Special Education Department, where she taught classes and served as a coordinator for the school psychology internship and practicum programs.  


Kristan received her Bachelors degree in Psychology (1994) and Masters of Science degree in School Psychology (1997) from Brigham Young University. She grew up in the Seattle area and currently enjoys spending time at home, being in the outdoors, traveling, and recreating with her son and husband.  She is passionate about and appreciates opportunities to connect, network, and educate on issues surrounding trauma awareness and trauma treatment.

Core Components

MS, Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Fee Range

$120 per hour plus $75 per hour prep time

Name of Training #1

Understanding Trauma and Trauma Informed Care

Description of Training

This presentation defines trauma from a variety of perspectives, describes what it is and how it affects the neurobiological system, discusses different types of trauma, describes the ACES study including the long term emotional, behavioral, and health implications of childhood trauma.  It gives a description of trauma informed care, Utah initiatives to address this issue, and effective treatment for trauma including specifics on EMDR.

Fees for Training

$120 per hour for travel and presentation time

Name of Training #2

Trauma Informed Schools

Description of Training

This presentation focused on the following points

·         Increase mental health, stress, suicide, and trauma awareness in the school context

·         Increase awareness of a trauma informed approach for schools, addresses ACES study

·         Specifics on what schools can do to improve safety, positive connections, and resiliency in schools

·         Improve emotional self care for staff and students

Name of Training #3

Understanding Trauma and Effective Trauma Treatment

Description of Training

This presentation defines trauma, how to identify traumatized clients, discusses the ACES study and negative impact of trauma, neurobiological processes of trauma, and effective trauma management and treatment.

Fees for Training

$120 per hour for travel and presentation time