�We are an organization formed in Salt Lake City, UT, in 2013, by a group of mental health and medical professionals who have experienced the impact of trauma on the physical health and emotional well being of our clients and patients. We have observed that clients and patients with underlying traumas tend to struggle with a variety of acute and chronic mental health and medical issues.


    In working with these traumatically impacted people it is apparent that as we focus on the source of these traumas and apply evidence-based trauma resolution techniques, we are able to help to alleviate many of the associated mental and physical symptoms. As we do this, clients and patients tend to see improvements in many areas of their life: physical health, emotional functioning, relationships, recreation, general life adjustment, spirituality, etc. Additionally, we see a decreased need for long-term medical treatment, psychotropic medications, or dependency on addictive behaviors.


    In observing the significant positive changes in our clients and patients as we take this focus, we have been motivated to share this information. We hope to increase collaboration with mental health and medical colleagues in the community to work together to treat these clients. We want to increase outreach and education to the general public to help increase awareness and access to effective treatment. We feel this will help to alleviate current symptoms, as well as prevent future and secondary effects in our community.

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