Service/Project Provider Name

Description of the project TICN activity to provide Health Services Coodination.

A few words about the TICN project

To increase awareness and understanding of the impact of emotional trauma, to promote the practice of evidence-based trauma informed mental and medical health care, and to facilitate client and patient access to providers engaged in trauma informed care.

Provide networking, outreach, and education surrounding the impact of trauma in mental health and medicine.
  • To bring together mental health and medical professionals who are engaged in trauma informed care to work together to increase awarenes
  • To gather and disseminate educational resources to facilitate trauma awareness in mental health and medical professionals as well as the community at large
  • To promote effective evidence-based interventions to clients and patients with a history of trauma


Date: November 2014

Client: Mental Health Communit.

Category: Counseling Coordination

Place: Salt Lake City